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The shocking truth about dirty office phones


On the surface, your office may look perfectly clean and tidy. However, with so many different employees using your facilities, it can actually be the ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

Germs can lurk in the places you would least expect and an inefficient cleaning regime can have a dramatic and negative effect on your business. High levels of germs and bacteria can lead to an outbreak of staff sickness as illnesses like colds and flu can quickly spread. This may mean your employees will be forced to take time off work.

Therefore, it’s in the best interests of both your company and your staff to maintain a clean and sanitized office environment at all times.

FACT: The average work desk is an astounding 400 times dirtier than the typical toilet seat!

Additionally, one of the dirtiest areas in the office is also one of the objects you might least expect; office phones!

As the phones in your office are so regularly coming into contact with your employees’ hands, this equipment often harbours damaging germs and bacteria. In fact, startling statistics indicate that the average office worker’s hands come into contact with 10 million bacteria every single day.

Inevitably, some of these harmful bacteria are transferred onto office phones, which are contaminated with approximately 25,000 germs per square inch. However, office phones aren’t the only piece of equipment taken over by germs and you might be surprised by the dirtiest places in the office. Water coolers, computer keyboards and taps are all key areas of the working environment that are vulnerable to high levels of contamination.

Whilst it is impossible to completely stop germs spreading in a busy office, there are steps you can take to reduce unhygienic and potentially dangerous bacteria levels. As an employer, it’s your duty to provide a clean working environment and uphold high standards to protect your employees from contracting illnesses.

To reduce germs both on office phones and in the entire office environment, you should firstly ensure that employees who are unwell do not come into the workplace. One employee’s absence is a lot more cost effective for your business than allowing an unwell employee to spread their illness to your other staff.

Secondly, you should inspire your staff to regularly clean their office phone and general desk area by providing access to anti-bacterial wipes and cleaning materials. If costs allow, you might also consider providing one office phone per employee and encouraging employees not to share phones to halt the spread of germs. You should additionally ensure there are signs displayed in toilets and kitchen areas to remind employees of the importance of washing their hands.

Despite these proactive steps, many employees are too busy with their work to commit to keeping their desk area hygienic. Therefore, to keep germs and bacteria at a safe level and provide a clean and pleasant working environment for your employees, you may need professional help.

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5 ways to tackle cleaning chaos in workplace communal areas


Do you own a business or work somewhere with a communal area? If so, you’ve probably had your fair share of issues when it comes to keeping the kitchen or break area clean – and you’re not alone…

In a study conducted in 2010 by OfficeTeam, as many as 44% of workers identified making a mess for others to clean up as the most annoying behaviour in company break rooms.

“Since the kitchen is a common space, some workers may believe it’s someone else’s responsibility to keep it clean and organised,” – said executive director of OfficeTeam.

A messy communal area frustrates employees causing them to be in a negative mood at work and therefore reducing productivity levels. Simply put, a dirty communal area means employees are miserable and less likely to pull their weight at work.

If the plates are building up on a regular basis and you’re getting fed up of the overflowing bin and crammed fridge, here’s some steps you can take to tackle your communal workplace cleaning…

1. Devise a policy

In order to improve cleaning standards in communal areas, you need to set some guidelines for employees to follow such as the following:

• Place all rubbish in the bin

• Wipe down surfaces after use

• Wipe down microwave after use

• Only store food in the fridge if it is adequately sealed

• Do not leave dirty dishes, cutlery or mugs in the sink – clean, dry and put away after use.

2. Make it clear to employees

Once you’ve devised a plan, you need to inform employees. The best way to do this is to place a sign on the wall in the communal areas clearly stating the new guidelines and notify staff during meetings or via a mass email.

Some employees may need encouragement to keep the communal area clean. If this is the case, remind them of the health risks associated with a dirty workplace and politely give them reminders every now and then.

3. Allocate responsibilities

There’s always one employee that revels in the joy of having responsibility and some sort of power over their colleagues. If you have someone like this in your workplace, they are the perfect person to help you keep on top of the guidelines you set and encourage other employees to do the same.

4. Reward success

Hopefully your employees will be mature and understanding enough to follow the new rules and genuinely want a cleaner work place. However, you can still reward good results by treating them every once in a while. Whether it’s adding a top of the range coffee machine to the break room or simply adding a nicer brand of biscuits, little gestures of appreciation will go a long way.

5. Hire cleaning experts

Most businesses don’t have time to add cleaning to their to-do list and there is a fine line when it comes to expecting employees to clean as most will argue it’s not listed in their job description. Additionally, a good use of your employees time is doing what you pay them to do – which isn’t cleaning.

Hiring a commercial cleaning company can take care of all of the issues we mentioned above and more. They’ll not only clean the workplace but sanitise too which will prevent your staff from picking up work place illnesses and taking time off work.

A clean business is a productive business.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to a dirty communal area and improve staff morale, get in touch with us here at Magic Cleaning Supplies today.